• The range proper is under the jurisdiction of the nightly range officer. It is their responsibility to see that the range is operated in a safe and orderly manner. Therefore, their word is law in the range area. Whenever an unsafe act is observed it will be called to the attention of the offender. If there is any objection the command will be obeyed and the offender can then pursue the matter further with the Executive Committee.
  • Good housekeeping is essential to the smooth and proper operation of the range. Therefore, if a piece of equipment breaks it will be reported to the range officer immediately so it can be repaired… Don’t walk away from it!!
  • Each member will be required to police the brass on their point after use. We have purchased brooms which work in both directions – to and fro. Instead of pushing the brass out onto the range it will be pulled back and picked up to be deposited in the proper receptacle.
  • The clean-up of the range area, such as lead collection, sweeping, vacuuming and other minor repairs will be the responsibility of the nightly range officer with the assistance of the club members in attendance.
  • The meeting room, kitchen and bathroom are for the convenience of all members so it is expected that everyone will leave them as they would like to find them. Garbage and recyclables (as per current dictates) will be disposed of properly, the rest room and kitchen area shall be cleaned regularly. This shall be accomplished without specific request by officers but rather by a voluntary desire on the part of all members.
  • The range will be open at the times posted on the bulletin board. However, shooting matches, both pistol and rifle, will take precedence and a schedule of such matches shall be posted. On match nights no open shooting will be allowed.
  • Standard targets are to be provided free of charge for members’ use. However, because of the cost, with the ecology in mind, it is expected that members conserve targets and utilize each on to its fullest extent. Practice .22 pistol targets should be reused for practice center-fire. Targets are to be used on this range only.
  • There shall be NO HORSEPLAY AT ANY TIME!! If anyone has an uncontrollable exuberance of excess energy it might be better directed towards keeping the range in order.
  • There shall be NO indiscriminate display of firearms in the meeting area. Pistols will normally be kept in their cases while not in actual use on the range. Rifles will be kept in cases until they are placed in the rack with ACTIONS OPEN!!
  • It is mandatory that all members use some type of eye and ear protection while shooting. The acoustic properties of the range are deceptive and hearing damage may result without your being aware of it.

Pistol Certification

  • Because the Police Department requirements for pistol permits change, this rule must, of necessity, be flexible. Any and all verification requirements by the Police Department will be dealt with at the discretion of the Executive Committee and within discretion of the club’s ability to provide such documentation based on each member’s status within the club.

Pistol Rules

  • Target loads only will be used on the range. No black powder ammunition will be allowed on the range. Anyone caught using this ammo will have their shooting privileges suspended and be subject to dismissal from the club.
  • In order to minimize the accident potential, guns will always be pointed down-range. Guns will be unloaded with actions open unless in the actual act of shooting.
  • Malfunction of a pistol or revolver shall be remedied, if possible, in the booth with minimum risk to other shooters. Under no conditions will a malfunctioning gun be taken into the club room to be worked on. An area in the range has been set aside for working on guns. No live ammo in work areas.
  • Every shooter shall have in their possession a valid pistol permit covering the gun he is shooting. No “sleepers” will be tolerated and anyone found shooting a pistol not on their license will be asked to resign from the club.
  • Target carriers will be hung so that the clip is to the rear and protected by the angled deflector. Anyone detected shooting at a target with the clip facing forward will be required to repair any carriers with broken clips. Target carriers will be extended to the entire 50 feet unless range officer gives permission for mid-range shooting.
  • Pistol shooters with target/premise permits will conform to the Police Department regulations relating to transportation of pistols.

Rifle Rules

  • Rifles in .22 caliber only will be used on the range. Cartridges up to .22LR may be used. No magnums will be tolerated.
  • All rifles in the range area are to be uncased, unloaded, with action open and stored in the rack when not in actual use. Uncased rifles anywhere in the club area must be unloaded and have their actions open. Auto-loading rifles, whose bolts do not remain open, must be equipped with a device to block the action open.
  • Rifles with magazines, clip or tube will be loaded with a maximum of five rounds. There will be no rapid fire on the range.
  • All rifle shooters will have in their possession a permit and appropriate papers for the rifle they are carrying. This means conforming to existing police regulations even when attending tournaments and matches in other areas.