Firearms licenses for the five boroughs of New York City are issued by the NYPD License Division. Licenses are required to possess handguns and long guns (rifles and shotguns).

Note that the NYPD License Division issues separate licenses for handguns and long guns. It is recommended to submit your applications for both handguns and long guns at the same time if you intend on getting both licenses. You will save on the fingerprinting fee since the fingerprints can be used for both applications (must be submitted at the same time). You may submit applications at either the License Division in One Police Plaza or at Rifle/Shotgun Section in Kew Gardens (Queens Borough Hall).

For your convenience, we have compiled some resources to help you through the application process. While the process is more involved than licensing anywhere else, it is completely achievable for the average New Yorker with a clean record.

NYPD Licensing Division Links

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Note that Stuyvesant Rod & Gun Club is not affiliated with any of these content providers and makes no assurances regarding the validity of the information. NYPD License Division can and will make changes to the licensing process. Always consult License Division if you have questions.